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a minute never enough to describe something good

Quvenzhané Wallis winning her first award on Critic’s Choice Awards 2013 for Beasts of the Southern Wild. So adorable :)

My favorite moment from “Problem Child

Song by: Lesley Gore - It’s My Party

I Spy is the nation’s window to high society. The Lookie Loo’s read us because…they weren’t there. The glitterati read us because we tell them they were there. For the system to work, we have to know what “there” is.

Lawrence Maddox on explaining what “I Spy” it is. A Column about people and parties in Sharp Magazine.

Taken from “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”. A movie about the life of an editor in high society-culture magazine. The movie itself refer to Vanity Fair Magazine.

Released from the hospital with a bullet lodged in his brain, Bazil (Boon) is taken in by a crew of junkyard dealers who help him plot his revenge against weapons manufacturers.

Micmacs à tire-larigot

Directed by Amélie’s Jean-Pierre Jeunet